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Hi, I am Darly Jacob

 I am a life coach, an advocate, and a certified clinical mental health counselor. I help you grow through the struggles standing in the way of your contentment and joy. 

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My Coaching Story

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I felt powerless.

I was going door-to-door hunting for jobs. While everyone around me was settling down, moving up in their career and establishing homes - I was sinking under the weight of a huge student loan debt. I was working so hard yet finding it difficult to make ends meet.

I was struggling to find clarity.

My expectations did not align with my reality. I was hoping to work as a clinical counselor and establish a private practice of my own. However, I was far from it. Opportunities did not present themselves and I was left wandering in the dark.

​I was crippled by self-doubt.

In the course of 5 years, I ended up working 6 jobs, sometimes juggling more than one at a time. Being newly married, I was accountable to my husband and our marriage. The cultural expectations of building a stable home hindered my progress. My insecurities creeped in while I cluelessly tried to navigate through it all.


Finally, after three years of facing a career crisis, I landed a counseling position and worked as an adjunct professor teaching psychology in New York. I was grateful for this experience because it provided me with the necessary training for the years ahead. Little by little, I was able to re-connect with myself. I started to redefine my values and beliefs.

Moving to Another Hemisphere: A Leap of Faith​

Fast Forward to a couple of years, I moved to India with my family. I have been able to integrate my profession and passion to empower people in their life journey. I now live knowing that my mind and heart are in unity with each other. 






Darly coached me for a few years as I was going through the most difficult phase of my life. I was in a weak state emotionally, having recently gone through a divorce and estranged ties with my family. Darly was always present to guide, encourage and strengthen. She helped me on my journey towards healing and fulfillment. Darly is patient, intuitive, and a great listener. Her words are rooted in wisdom and ever so calming. I believe she is a terrific Life Coach and will change the lives of many.

Susan, Lawyer, USA

It Starts With You! 

You have the power within to build your tomorrow's. It begins with investing in yourself first.

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