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मेरी कहानी

My Story

Sharing vulnerabilities can be very scary but it creates a sense of shared human experiences and belongingness. It reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and that others may be facing similar challenges. Be authentic!

Upon completing my Master's degree, I faced a daunting situation: I found myself desperately seeking employment, burdened by overwhelming student loan debt. As a newly married individual, the weight of financial instability and a lack of career identity fell heavily on me. Struggling to meet societal and cultural expectations of stability proved to be a formidable battle. Nonetheless, I refused to give in, shouldering multiple jobs to secure financial security. I remained unyielding in the pursuit of my aspirations.

This relentless pursuit led me to achieve a prestigious position as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology in New York, while also embarking on a fulfilling career in a well-established Counseling Practice. Guiding numerous individuals through life's complexities, my humble beginnings granted me profound insights into the human psyche, while my accomplishments enriched my experiences and expertise.

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