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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

It was 2 pm on a November afternoon, I was leaving my parents house to go back home to

New Jersey, hoping to reach before the predicted snowstorm would take place. Fifteen

minutes into my drive, I realized that the snow had started to fall. Rainy. Slushy.

Slippery. I was stuck in a traffic light for the next two hours. All I could see was the

SUV, a pick-up truck and a bus around my car. I was caved in. The noise was getting

louder. Vehicles honking from every direction. People were frustrated as they were

accelerating to get their tires out of the snow-covered roads. My heart was pounding. I

was panicking. I was trapped, with no way out. By 6 pm and I still had no luck. I was in

the same spot.


Oh! I forgot to tell you, I was four months pregnant. I felt the anxiety kicking in twice as

hard. I rolled down my window after 4-5 hours of being stagnant in one place. It was one

of the worst winter storms. Chaos was everywhere. Finally, I built up my courage to ask

for help, realizing everyone around me was just as desperate as I was. I spoke to the lady

in the pick-up truck. I told her that I was pregnant and that I needed to get my car parked

on the side somehow. Needless to say, I was ready to abandon my car and walk home if I

had to. However, I was so afraid and fearful of putting my foot on the accelerator

thinking that my car is going to slip and slide in the storm. I did not want to hit anyone or

cause any wreak havoc.

Thankfully, the lady called a cop who was standing a few feet ahead and he came over

to help me. I stepped out of the car. He got in and pressed on the accelerator and managed

to get my car a few feet off the road and parked my car on the curb. I planned to come back

and get my car in the morning. So I left my car there and started walking. I had no idea where

the next subway station was and it took me over 40 min of walking in the cold stormy weather.

I finally reached the underground railway. It was almost 9 pm and I had to change trains 4 times.

I was thoroughly exhausted. I finally managed to get through the right trains and reached my destination. I was so happy to see my husband and brother-in-law waiting to pick me up.

A sigh of relief!


Are you feeling like these are some of the longest days of your life where you find

yourself feeling stuck, trapped and unsure of how you’re going to get out of it? Do you

see no way out when you look at your circumstances wondering when this moment

would pass? Are you tired of trying, only to find yourself in a cycle that is going

nowhere? I am here to tell you that there is a way out!! The first step is to roll down that

window and ask for help.

As a Life Coach, I have the tools to help you find your freedom to be unstuck. I meet you

in your mental, emotional and spiritual levels while intentionally walking you through what

seems like the journey of a thousand miles. You will be surprised to see that your answer is

just around the corner.

It is your decision to choose.

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